Kitchen management software that

Makes Serving Easier


What is Pantree?

A new kind of kitchen management software to make your life, and service to others easier. Pantree can handle all of your inventory management, recipe tracking, meal planning, reporting, and so much more.


Time spent checking dates, costs, and stock takes you out of your community. You choose to serve so that you can help others, not so you can track inventory. Pantree has an amazing Inventory Management System built into every version. We help you track stock levels, expiration dates, suppliers, and cost.


Recipe tracking

Ever have a recipe that you know is a hit with your community only to not be able to find it when you want to plan the next meal? It happens to everyone, at least until now. Keep your recipes organized and know that you can go back and find them anytime!


Are you missing out on serving so you can make that report for your donors or an auditor? Spending your time putting the files together, tracking down the original costs, and finding expiration dates keeps you away from your friends. Pantree's easy to use reporting system makes sure you can print or export your report in just a few clicks, so you can get back to doing what you love!


If you're like us you have to keep track of lots of different events and meetings. This can become a headache if you aren't keeping things organized. Pantree's Calendar helps you to keep track of events, meals, menus, and more.


Will Pantree work for me?

We’ve spent many months researching and finding the best solutions to some of the most common problems associated with inventory management, event tracking, and even auditor reporting, we’ve found a solution to help you stay organized. There’s so much that Pantree can do now, and so much more to come! If you have an organization or business that has an active kitchen Pantree can help!

  • Organizations with after-school feeding programs, soup kitchens, and food pantries

  • Nursing homes, hospitals, and retirement centers

  • Jails, prisons, and halfway houses

  • Schools

  • And anywhere else that has an active kitchen that needs management!


Pantree’s Beginning

In April 2018 a couple of ladies came by our repair shop office with a question. One of their sons had participated in our programming class that we offered at a local community outreach center, and he had told them that we were the solution to their problems. You see, they run a small after school / summer feeding program for youth, but they had been struggling to keep their inventory organized. They knew that this was a major problem and had to find a solution. They came to us with a need, and Pantree is the solution.



Speak to the developers Anytime

We aren't just reading from a script with generic answers. Our support team actively works on the code and features of Pantree so it's safe to say they know the answers! We're here to make sure you can serve without wasting your time.



look like the pros you are

We also know that you don’t want to be using something that looks like it came straight out of the 20th century so we incorporated loads of new modern designs and looks. We’ve tried to find the most modern solution for such an age old problem.



Always something new

We love to hear from our customers about new features and ideas they have. Pantree will automatically check for new updates, and bring you the latest features as we release them


More Time Touching Lives

Spending less time tracking inventory, expenses, and events means you get to spend more time with your community touching lives.


Purchase Now

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or greater

    • Pantree runs best on Windows 10 PCs with at least 4GB of RAM

  • Pantree also requires an always on Network Connection to stay in sync

  • Minimum 2GB of storage space

    • We recommend about 3GB of available storage space

We’ve come up with three different ways that you can purchase Pantree. We offer a monthly license subscription, an annual subscription, and a lifetime subscription. If you need to upgrade from one to another all you have to do is contact our support team and we’ll gladly help you upgrade.

Each subscription level comes with the following:

  • Inventory Management

  • Recipe Book

  • Menu/Meal Planning

  • Event Calendar

  • Reporting

  • Automatic Updates

  • Free Support


Monthly Subscription

$50 / month
after your
30 day free trial

Want to use Pantree at home?
Personal use license for $14.99/month
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Annual Subscription

$500/ year (save $100/year)
billed after your
30 day free trial

Want to use Pantree at home?
Personal use license for $149/year
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Lifetime Subscription

$2,495 one time (no recurring fees, ever)
billed after your
30 day free trial

  • Pantree uses an external secure payment processor to process your transactions