About Pantree


In April 2018 a couple of ladies came by our repair shop office with a question. One of their sons had participated in our programming class that we offered at a local community outreach center, and he had told them that we were the solution to their problems. You see, they run a small after school / summer feeding program for youth, but they had been struggling to keep their inventory organized. They knew that this was a major problem and had to find a solution. They came to us with a need, and Pantree is the solution.

We’ve made Pantree, first and foremost, easy to use. Everything we’ve done has been to make Pantree as intuitive as possible so that you don’t ever have to worry about what to do next. Anywhere that we’ve struggled to make it easy, we’ve added a note to help you out.

We also know that you don’t want to be using something that looks like it came straight out of the 20th century so we incorporated loads of new modern designs and looks. We’ve tried to find the most modern solution for such an age old problem.

Organization is key when running any business or organization. Without it, eventually everything falls apart, but with it the organization runs like a well oiled machine! Pantree helps you to keep your inventory, recipes, meal plans, events, and even users organized in one central location. No longer do you have to hunt through your desk for that recipe you used last week that the kids loved, put it in Pantree and let our system keep track of it for you! Or better yet, that auditor that just pulled up, a few clicks of a button gets them all the reports that they need, and gets you back to work serving your community!

We know that sometimes an administrator has to go to a conference or an event, and we also know that sometimes they need to look at a report or two while they’re gone. Instead of you having to find a report, scan it, and email it to them now they can just log into Pantree on their device and have real time information about all that’s in your system from anywhere they have an internet connection.

We’re so excited to help get you started with Pantree! We know that once you get in and get your data organized you’ll find yourself helping more people, more often and that’s what it’s all about. Give us a call at (903) 213-3624 we love to visit with people about how our product can help you succeed in your mission to serve, or go ahead and click the buy now button down below to get started right now!